Article VI. Committees

Section I.

AVL members are expected to work on various standing committees to assure that the business of the Council is addressed and that state polices are followed. Members may volunteer or be assigned by the chair to work on one or more standing committee(s).

Committees may elect a member to serve as chair, or, the AVL Chairperson may appoint a committee chair. Committee chairpersons are responsible for calling meetings, making committee reports to the Council, and submitting a written report for archival purposes. Although not required, committees should consist of at least one member from each participating agency.

With the approval of the AVL Council, the Chairperson may assign an AVL Ad Hoc committee(s) or task force(s) as needed to address concerns that are beyond the normal scope of business.

The Chairperson shall be an ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. The AVL Standing Committees are: Budget, By-Laws, Nominating, Database Review, Selection and Licensing, Legislative and Advocacy, Publicity, Training and Strategic Planning.

Section II.

Standing committee descriptions.

It is the duty of the Budget committee to prepare a budget for the fiscal year, present the budget to the Council, and to oversee and recommend expenditures to Council. The treasurer shall serve as chair of the Budget Committee and a member from the fiscal agent's financial office shall also serve on the committee.

The By-Laws Committee shall be composed of four Council members and is responsible for reviewing the by-laws for revisions or additions as identified in Article VIII. By-Laws will be fully reviewed at least every three years and presented to Council for approval.

Database Review
The Database Review committee shall review, compare, and make recommendations to Council about new products, subscriptions, and services to add to the AVL. The committee may also make recommendations to Council on the content and the relevance of resources in order to meet the needs of AVL users. The Database Review Committee shall be composed of a minimum of five members with one member representing each agency. This committee may further include up to four non-members (one representative from each agency's constituent group, including representatives from colleges/universities, community colleges, K12 schools or public libraries) as recommended by that agency's Council member.

Legislative and Advocacy
Although all members of the Council are expected to advocate on behalf of the AVL, the Legislative and Advocacy Committee is responsible for leading a formal campaign for advocacy that successfully demonstrates the value of the AVL to its constituents. Such a campaign will provide the appropriate talking points that can be distributed to all Council members and participating agencies for the purpose of promoting/educating Alabama citizens about the importance of the AVL. The committee will also inform the Council and all appropriate constituents of laws, legislation and other related activities that may have bearing on the AVL and its welfare.

The Nominating committee shall secure candidates for the slate of officers and present the slate to Council for vote in keeping with the provisions of Article IV, Section II of the By-Laws. The Chairperson shall appoint three members to serve on the Nominating Committee no later than April of each year.

The Publicity committee shall develop a strategic yearly marketing plan to be approved by the Board. The approved plan should implement public relations and advertising campaigns for the AVL. Other duties may include, but not be limited to, the development of media or print publicity materials to advance the public awareness and education of AVL users. The committee shall also suggest the purchase of promotional items best suited for each agency. The Publicity Committee includes Council members or members recommended by Council from their constituents.

The Training committee shall coordinate and implement training initiatives for the AVL with the approval of the Council. Other duties may include, but not be limited to, identifying training needs, selecting resources for training, and tracking the effectiveness of training activities, and identifying a pool of available trainers. The Training committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and composed of two members from each constituency of the participating agencies. The committee may include Council members or members recommended by Council from their constituents.

Selection and Licensing
The License Committee shall review all licenses and pricing for database subscriptions and will be the sole voice for negotiating licenses for the AVL. The committee shall consist of the elected officers, and representatives of the fiscal agencies. Additional members may be appointed as needed by the chair. The committee will bring all recommendations to the Council for vote and approval before licenses are signed.

Special Committees
Special committees, including Ad Hoc, task force(s) or working groups, may be appointed by the Chairperson as needed to carry on the work of the AVL. The Chairperson shall appoint one Council member to serve on each special committee. Other members of the Special committees may be appointed from within or outside of the Council membership. Special committee chairpersons will call meetings and report findings to the Council. The Chairperson shall be an ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning committee shall determine the strategic direction/vision of the AVL and develop a plan for realizing strategic goals and the future growth of the AVL. The strategic plan will be developed and implemented with the input and approval of the Council. The Chairperson shall appoint members to serve on the committee, as needed, with the approval of Council members.