Accessing AVL

IP Authentication

The Alabama Virtual Library uses the IP2Location LITE database for IP geolocation. Most Alabama users will be automatically authenticated (via IP authentication) and they will automatically have access to AVL resources. You can find more information about AVL authentication by clicking here.

Physical Device Authentication

Some users may not automatically IP authenticate when they access AVL. If you are physically located in Alabama and IP authentication is not working for you, please click here to attempt to authenticate based on your device's physical location.

AVL Account

If you are unable to automatically IP authenticate or if you are unable to authenticate based on your device's physical location, you will need to use an AVL account in order to access AVL resources. You can request and AVL account by contacting your local public library. If you are a K-12/Post-Secondary student, please contact your school's library to request an account.

Are you having trouble logging in? Please contact the AVL Helpdesk.